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Traveler Reviews

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Traveler Reviews

Juan C Hernandez
Star Cruise Gemini

I had a dream of going to cruise and the dream came true on my tour to Singapore. The view from our room was simply amazing as we can see the sea through miles and miles and enjoyed the nature to its best. Cruise interiors, ambience and decor was too good. We enjoyed our cruise tour and it was the most memorable one of our life.

Traveler Reviews

Ganesh Sachin
Star Cruise

I went on a recent trip to Singapore with my wife. The trip was in the shelves for a long time until I came across the travel Singapore Star Cruise.Thus Star Cruises provided us with a memorable trip. I felt it is a wonderful opportunity for people looking for unperturbed relaxation or especially for honeymooners and hence would gladly recommend the same.

Traveler Reviews

Pawan Agarwal
Dream Cruise

Recently I went to singapore and from singapore to malaysia I went through star cruise. I have spend 2 nights in the cruise. The overall comfort was really good. The amenities were even nice. The food what they served was really very good. We are highly recommendable. we are very happy with customer interaction. Everything as Planned.. no surprises

Traveler Reviews

Dinesh Gaikwad
Star Cruise Libra

This is referring to Star Cruise Libra. When I saw it for the frst time, I was awestruck . Not only was it the first time I was travelling by a ship, but it was a memorable experience. The ship also had hosted various shows such as magic & dance based shows performed by proffessional troupes of various countries.

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